Opportunities among financiers in the Egyptian market and fulfilling the state’s public treasury dues. There is a unique number for each invoice. This is call the UUID and is different from the company’s internal invoice number. There is a unifi form and content for each invoice within the system with an emphasis that the form of the invoice will not change within the company. ERP software sends the data specifi by the IRS to the electronic invoice system and the.

API transfers the invoice data

JSON or XML format without transferring the form of the invoice. The system also provides unifi coding for goods and services and invoices include an Switzerland Telegram Number Data electronic signature which ensures complete security of invoice data and proof of legal authority for users of the system. The system sends instant notifications to both the seller and the buyer to share invoice data with them. Using the system it is also possible to save review and print invoice data.

Telegram Data

Requir documents and papers

A copy of the company’s tax card A copy of the company registration application. Authorization it must have a valid bank signature in the France Phone Number List event that the company’s tax card is not in the name of the company’s authoriz representative . Including the following data The company’s tax registration number And the company’s email. And the company’s phone mobile number. The name of the company commissioner is in Arabic and English. And his national number. And the email of the company commissioner.

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