Use the new electronic receipt system as the electronic receipt authorization system is an integral part of the comprehensive electronic invoice system. The difference between an electronic receipt and an electronic invoice What is the difference between an electronic receipt and an electronic invoice The electronic receipt is mandatory. According to the official Egyptian Tax Authority website the electronic receipt became mandatory afte system that is integrat with.

The electronic invoice system

They cannot be dispens with or be alternatives. Comparison Electronic receipt Electronic invoice the definition An integral part of the chain of Sweden Telegram Number Data converting paper transactions into electronic ones. It works in conjunction with the electronic invoice system to cover all types and forms of electronic transactions from all parties invoice receipt . A digital document that proves transactions for the sale of goods and services. This document has components and characteristics.

Telegram Data

Prepar and sign electronically

Sent and receiv through the electronic invoice system and by the taxpayer. It is also review and verifi in real time by the Tax Authority. Advantages Finland Phone Number List It is easy to verify digitally. It ensures that no data has been tamper with. It is a standard document with specific components. Each receipt has a unique identification number. Ease of carrying out business and improving tax services and procures. Contributing to integrating the informal economy into the formal economy rucing tax evasion establishing the foundations of tax justice achieving.

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