Invoice issu by a commercial establishment to an individual containing the main elements of the simplifi tax invoice. Tax invoice It is an electronic invoice issu from one commercial establishment to another and it contains all the elements of the tax invoice. Accounting programs and electronic invoicing applications approv by the Zakat and Customs Tax Authority Pioneers Solutions is an approv provider of electronic invoicing applications to the Zakat and Tax Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through accounting and administrative programs and applications for commercial activities clinics hospitals and companies. VAT compliant The difference between a simplifi tax invoice and a tax invoice Who does electronic billing apply to It is issu by every taxpayer subject to value add tax in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It is mandatory for taxpayers

subject to it to issue and save invoices on December . And any party that issues a tax invoice on behalf of the taxpayer subject to value add Canada Telegram Number Data tax. Taxpayers who are not residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are exclud Advantages of Easy store accounting software Accounts program accounts and warehouses program accounts programs accounting program Easy Store Gold program program Easy store is one of the best accounting programs for managing business activities through the following advantages Registering all types of items whether item weight piece box carton Adding stores transferring and reconciling items and inventorying inventory using barcodes.

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Integrat accounting system

Works on the accounting cycle system More than detail and comprehensive reports to follow up on workflow Preparing the trial balance Armenia Phone Number List income statement and profitability report Determine users’ permissions on the program according to their work Making sales and purchase invoices It is consider a comprehensive and integrat billing program for all types of invoices and taxes and is compatible with them. Electronic connectivity with the electronic invoicing system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Technical support to solve any problem or clarify any question. There is no ne for any prior accounting experience before working on the program. The program works with more than different activities with high efficiency.

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