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developing a phone application may take many times more time.  Than a website and it also requires great programming experience and knowlge of different.  Operating systems such as Android and IOS. As for the cost requir to do both of them it is approximately the same as the time spent on work meaning that the cost of. Developing a phone application may reach many times the cost of developing a website. Performance and user experience User experience is a very important indicator of the success of your business in the world of the Internet as it is an essential element for.  Your ranking in the first results of search engines whether a website or a phone application.

All brand owners strive to provide

a distinctive user experience to ensure the success of the business. When comparing the phone application and the website in terms of Denmark Telegram Number Data performance and user. Experience we will find that the phone application is superior to the website as. The application was specifically. Design using a user interface dicat to the mobile device. Conversion rate and sales.  This is often consider the most important factor for an employer business or online service provider as.  They always keep it in front of their eyes as a pivotal and primary goal which is sales. Any business in one way or another seeks to increase conversion rates and maximize the return on investment.

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When comparing the website

phone application in terms of conversion rate and sales we find that according to.  A study conduct by the “ Mium ” website % of people complete Austria Phone Number List the purchase process through their mobile phones and using applications. Phone. The study also show that the shopping cart abandonment rate on websites reaches about % meaning that the visitor did not complete the purchase process but with phone applications the rate reaches only %. Why When you are on a website you ne to log in in order to save your data and add products to your account’s shopping cart. In a mobile app this problem disappears because the data is automatically stor until the user reopens the app and the items remain in the shopping cart. Accessibility It means ease and spe of access to your website or mobile application that you creat. In the case of a website we will find that the customer nes an.

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