The electronic signature

A digital certificate in the form of a digital file issu by.  One of the specializ bodies recogniz by the government. The digital file contains important data relat to you.  The name of the site the serial number the expiration date of the certificate and its source.  Also includes the certificate when it is deliver to you. It has two keys public key private key Private key is your electronic signature. That distinguishes you from the rest of the people. Public key It is publish in the directory and is available to the general public. What is the difference between a digital and electronic signature.

The basic difference between

A digital signature and an electronic signature is that a digital signature is more secure and tamper proof which encrypts the document and Belgium Telegram Number Data permanently embs the information. The importance of electronic signature for the new electronic invoice system The general importance of the electronic signature lies in increasing the level of security and privacy for e commerce and through this technology the confidentiality of information and messages exchang between people over the Internet is maintain. As for its importance with regard to the electronic invoice system the head of the Egyptian.

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Tax Authority Abdel Qader

Ra indicat in a statement that One of the basic conditions for joining the system in the stages is to obtain an electronic signature certificate Albania Phone Number List so that the financing company can issue invoices electronically before they are approv by the system allowing the buyer to duct them in his monthly tax return. He also point out that the electronic signature is consider an alternative to the live signature on the paper invoice. Steps to obtain your electronic signature Below we will present the indicative steps for issuing an electronic signature certificate according to what was stat on the government website of the Egyptian Tax Authority. An electronic signature certificate for companies.

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