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Ax invoice system can be obtain by going to one of the agencies affiliat with the Information. Technology Industry Development Authority.  ITIDA affiliat with the Ministry of Taxation. Communications and information technology. Documents requir to obtain an electronic signature certificate. Submission and signing of the application contract by the responsible director of the facility or its legal representative at the licensee’s headquarters and he must have the right to sign on behalf of the facility in accordance with the commercial registry or pursuant to an authorization.

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The certificate contract and authorization must be sign by.  The responsible director of the facility or Its legal representative with his signatures.  Certifi by the seal of the bank he is dealing with. The originals of all documents and papers must be Brazil Telegram Number Data submitt for review which are A copy of the official extract of the commercial.  Registry or the establishment announcement decision. Technical requirements Software Hardware that must be met to activate the signature certificate The financier must obtain an.

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What is the difference between an electronic seal and an electronic signature What is the difference between an Algeria Phone Number List electronic seal and an electronic signature Electronic stamp link to the company’s registration number and is us in two cases of self registration and the case of the financier having an ERP system. As for the electronic signature it is link to the national number of the delegate and is us in only one case which is using the portal.

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