The first year of the company Its financial year begins from the date of establishment until the end of the following year and then its lists are prepar every months after that. Not all companies are the same at the beginning of the fiscal year. We find public banks whose fiscal year ends on as well as some general insurance companies so that their financial statements are consistent with the state’s general budget. Finally most companies rely on the fiscal year within months for example.

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Store accounting software in closing the financial year and inventory The importance of the Easy Store Accounts program in closing the financial Vietnam Telegram Number Data year Inventorying stores using barcodes and reconciling item quantities List all income and expenses for the year Knowing the lost and consum during the year Preparing the final budget and income statement and knowing the net profits Profitability reports at each level item invoice custome.

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Profits for the working and non working partner whether by a specific percentage or a financial value Inventorying stores using barcodes and Hong Kong Phone Number List reconciling item quantities The Easy Store accounts and warehouse management program facilitates inventory operations within the stores with ease to know the goods in the stores and the remaining quantities which shows all the data resulting from the inventory process as shown in the following scree.

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