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Summary account with the amount

Total expenses and criting the expense accounts. We carry over the balance of the income summary account[…]

The companys fiscal year

The first year of the company Its financial year begins from the date of establishment until the[…]

Chooses the end date

Fiscal year to be that is in the winter when its sales season is stagnant and thus[…]

System for patient data workers

Program provides you with a complete tree of accounts through which you can create an infinite number[…]

Without an AI model capable

Analyzing this data it is difficult for organizations to deliver better personaliz healthcare. . Data privacy As[…]

Seeking agnose monitor and manag

Comments how interest you are in the field of programming. Are you an ucat person seeking a[…]

The end of each year

After a certain period it is necessary to evaluate and find out whether the work is moving[…]

The fifth phase of implementing

Electronic invoice system after the third phase officially began on May . The fourth phase is expect[…]

Providing all capabilities

The system completely. Use of mobile applications and portal features. Completely verify the authenticity of documents. The[…]

A copy of the national

ID number of the company commissioner A copy of the value add tax registration certificate. Company registration[…]

The principle of equal

Opportunities among financiers in the Egyptian market and fulfilling the state’s public treasury dues. There is a[…]

Obligat financiers and taxpayers

Use the new electronic receipt system as the electronic receipt authorization system is an integral part of[…]