Fiscal year to be that is in the winter when its sales season is stagnant and thus the preparation of financial statements does not affect the wheel of production and sales. As for companies that do not have a slow season we find that they adapt their financial year to the financial year approv by governments such as banks and insurance companies. ‎ When does the fiscal year start in Egypt. While Egypt’s fiscal year begins on July and ends on June the reason for this is that the fiscal year was chang with the July Revolution and the Revolutionary.

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Start a new budget with a new fiscal year with the outbreak of the revolution. When does the Saudi fiscal year start. The fiscal year of the Kingdom USA Telegram Number Data of Saudi Arabia in the year AH begins on the tenth day of Capricorn in accordance with the royal decree issu in this regard and this day falls on Friday Jumada al Awwal AH corresponding to December AD. . The fiscal year continues until Friday Jumada al Akhir AH corresponding to December AD. What is the best time to close the fiscal year of your company or business.

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The Egyptian Companies Law

Amend address this in accordance with the text of Article which states “The company shall have a fiscal year determin by the law.” Financial Honduras Phone Number List statements are prepar in accordance with the accounting standards issu by a decision of the Minister of Economy. The company’s bylaws may stipulate the preparation of periodic financial statements for a period of no less than three months. However the company whose purpose is to participate in establishing other companies or participate in them in any way must prepare consolidat financial statements for those companies.

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