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For this reason, a simple metric like “views” will be ti to a lot of other information like page title, user location, etc. Greater emphasis on Google Tag Manager The new event-driven data model in Google Analytics makes users rely even more on Google  effectively. Engagement replaces rebound The previously discuss change in the approach to data collection forc the Google Analytics platform to not focus on bounce rate, as it is inherently relat to sessions. Engagement, on the other hand, focuses on the time a visitor spends on different pages and is therefore a more user-centric metric. This change can be count as the most welcome, as reflectivity itself was often misunderstood, and many people attach too much importance to it, despite the fact that from the point of view of positioning it was not that important.

Using a single user ID across all platforms

No real-time data Real-time data tracking in Google Analytics. Is very limit compar to Google Analytics – at best, only statistics from the last minutes are shown. If you want these features, you ‘ll have to implement them yourself using BigQuery and PubSub on Google Cloud. Google Analytics – advantages Here are the top reasons why you should move to Google Analytics as soon as possible: . The potential of machine learning Thanks to the use of machine learning models. GA learns from the data you collect and is able to make accurate prictions that will help you prevent numerous problems as well as better detect trends. . Cross-platform tracking and devices ensures Bahamas Mobile Number List unifi tracking and reporting processes. As you no longer have to piece together the user journey that is distribut across multiple platforms and devices, you save time, money, resources and nerves.

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Despite this the platform is able to provide

Privacy features IPs are automatically anonymiz as. GA does not collect or store them.  data relat to specific addresses, such as a region. Which is of course very useful in the context of analytics. This function (as well as the very fact of focusing. Analytics on events, not user sessions), probably results from the fact that due to the GDPR, personal data protection LOB Directory has become very important and Google is trying to avoid complications in this field.

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