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The fact that GA doesn’t support Google-promot technology is strange, but unfortunately it’s the reality. So if you’re using AMP, you’ll run into a lot of issues with data tracking. There are ways around these limitations, but they require extra work.  Additional problems in the case of e-commerce Unlike Universal Analytics, setting goals and conversions in GA is not a simple process. Of your online store, tracking many complex conversions in Google Analytics may require the use of Google Tag Manager, which requires additional skills. Summary Google Analytics will soon replace GA . It is therefore worth being ready for this change as early as possible and starting to get to know the functions of the new tool. E-mail Signature Comment write a comment Reset Your comment will be correct by the site if necessary.

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Daniel Podgorski author of the article Daniel Podgorski Freelance content writer and copywriter cooperating with Talem SEO Agency from Bydgoszcz.  High-quality content for content marketing, which builds authority around his clients and attracts quality traffic to the website. He writes mainly on topics relat to SEO, internet marketing, web development, e-commerce and Bahrain Mobile Number List IT. He likes to include specific tips, examples and statistics in his articles.CLS, a new ranking factor. What should you know about it? July , Daniel Podgorski minutes At the end of May , Google announc an initiative aim at improving the user experience on websites. User experience will play an increasingly important role in the coming months.

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This will be especially the case in , when a new ranking factor, CLS, will be introduc. What is this CLS and how to prepare for it? You will find out in this article. CLS – what is it? CLS stands for Cumulative Layout Shift. Layout Shift itself refers to the movement that occurs on a website after it has load. : Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – a metric belonging to Core Web LOB Directory Vitals that measures content instability by summing up those layout changes that do not appear within ms of user input.

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