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As part of an SEO audit, it is worth checking the presence of such links and optimizing their format. It is also a good idea to introduce systems that automatically generate  form (e.g. bas on the page title). b) Too long URLs URLs should not be longer than characters Рexceing this limit makes them less readable for both users and Google. Various technical factors a) Adaptation to mobile devices Adaptation to mobile devices has been of key importance in positioning for years.

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In Google introduc the Mobile First Index – the search engine, when indexing pages, takes into account the mobile version in the first place to give them a rating. As part of the audit, it is therefore necessary to analyze how pages load and function on various mobile devices. To navigation, font formatting and other resources, as these factors greatly affect the overall quality of the experience. b) Loading spe Loading spe is also undoubtly one of the key factors in SEO. Google Azerbaijan Mobile Number List recommends that you aim for less than seconds.

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Summary An SEO audit is a great

In order to optimize this factor, it is worth paying attention primarily to the number and degree of compression of graphic files, as well as the overall quality of the code (especially JavaScript scripts). c) Internal linking Broken internal links lead to problems with the transfer of “SEO power” and with navigation. Users who encounter them may also come to the conclusion that the page is neglect and out of date, so the audit should look at this issue carefully.¬† Way to get a comprehensive analysis of your website and improve your strategy from a long-term perspective. For best results, it is best to entrust this task to specialists .Google analytics vs – what you should know July , Daniel Podgorski minutes In March , Google announc that Google Analytics would cease to LOB Directory function and Google Analytics would replace it.

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