Offer a discount on your next purchase

Let’s first give time to familiarize yourself with the product and make sure that you assess whether the product works. Remind yourself after a few weeks if the first contact turn out to be ineffective. Reward for reviews – It doesn’t have to be a big reward, but offer the customer some benefit that doesn’t necessarily require a large financial outlay.  for product reviews, throw in a small freebie, a product sample, or give access to unique content earlier. In this way, you will gain a regular, more faithful customer who will be more likely to return to the company that treat him well, and this can be classifi as an element of image positioning.

Responding to negative reviews

Don’t leave reviews unanswer. Especially bad reviews. And no matter how you want to explain to dissatisfi users that they are wrong. They know nothing about the world. And a good product is only lick through the glass – hold on. This is not a good way, even if an employee of Willa Karpatia wants to leave every once in a while bezprawnik. Professionalism, calm and rational arguments. If the client is right – sprinkle the head with ashes, apologize and reward. If there isn’t, don’t get too excit, just go out, calmly present your arguments and try to find out what went wrong. Even if you disagree and consider your product to be the best in our galaxy, accept feback Ecuador Mobile Number List with humility.  Paradoxically increases trust in the brand, because we do not avoid difficult topics, but use them as an opportunity to talk and build relationships with our users.

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Therefore it is worth putting

Even with those who are dissatisfi for some reason. percent of users say they wouldn’t use a company. That doesn’t respond to reviews: local-consumer-review-survey. And percent of those who left negative reviews would change your rating after the brand responds correctly. Mozlocal-business-review-survey-report.  Some effort into gaining the favor of a negative user. Because you can convince him, and even if not. Another potential customer will pay LOB Directory attention to our reaction to negative opinions.

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