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Characters with spaces? That’s the answer – let users write those , characters themselves. They know best what they would like to read, and this is unique content on the website that contains naturally us key phrases. Users know the product they have purchas much better than any copywriter who often did not even have it in their hands, so they are able to describe it better and characterize it more accurately.  Be unintentionally written in such a way that that they will use. very long long-tail phrases, which will additionally have a positive impact. On the entire aspect of website. positioning for very detail queries.

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An example of how Decathlon generates a whole lot of unique content, only thanks to reviews: . Positive product reviews both on the website and on the Internet can be consider as evidence of social legitimacy, confirming that it is worth buying our product. Importantly, people trust online reviews as much as they trust their friends. Of users treat online reviews the same as those of a family member. After all, it is impossible to be an expert in every field, which is why buyers have to trust someone, and who should they trust, if not the same people like them Dominican Republic Mobile Number List who fac the choice – to buy mountain shoes with a breathable membrane, or maybe it doesn’t make sense.

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They made a decision and now, as a consequence. They are satisfi or not – and they can share it on the Internet.  If we implement structural data correctly.  Reviews on the website in the form of stars can be display in the Google search engine. Which in turn can translate into a higher CTR of a given search result.  a low number of stars can contribute to a LOB Directory lower CTR. In , only % of users would like to buy something from a store with less than two stars out of five.

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