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Many plugins on the market give you the ability to add feback while being generat by AJAX/JavaScript, Flash, iFrames or some other way that is not convenient for Google to render. Let’s make it easier for Google robots and serve the HTML code, disable JS and CSS in the browser and check if we still see them on the page. If they are visible – everything is fine, the robot also has no problem scanning them. Also has a difficult access to feback. More about noscript in SEO ! Once we add opinions, it is worth marking them with structur data.

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Thanks to this, Google will understand what a given content is – contrary to appearances, content is not equal to content and for Google there is a difference between a product description from the manufacturer and an opinion from the user.  Content by tagging individual pieces of information with structur data. Once we’ve done that, let’s check if we’ve done it all according to seo art. To do this, it is recommend to use: validator.schema.org/ , which allows you to check the correctness of the implement structur data. Customer opinions and SEO: a summary Without a doubt, product and service reviews have a big impact on the user as well as SEO. This may El Salvador Mobile Number List be the last piece in the shopping puzzle.

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For Google, product reviews are also very important – after all, Google wants to show the most reliable results tailor to the intentions of Internet users. Impact on local positioning. Therefore, it is worth to reserve space on the website for reviews, as well as to encourage Internet users to share their opinions on the website and mention the company in other places on the Internet. contact Comments add comment Your e-mail address will not be publish. Requir fields are mark Comment name Email Carolina Baran SEO Specialist Since , he has been helping Bulk Lead Semahead’s clients to gain top positions in search engines.

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