When assigning percentage points to results

Once you’ve identified the purpose of your quiz and are comfortable with your basic research, it’s time to decide on your overall tone, mood, and imagery. Think about your target audience. How formal or casual should it be? Does your audience use a specific language? For example, if you’re creating a Star Wars quiz, you better know Millennium Falcon references use female pronouns or you’ll quickly lose your audience.

Create an irresistible headline

Your quiz will live or die by the title. Check out BuzzFeed, PlayBuzz, and Disney for their quiz titles and you’ll see some titles used over and over again:


  • The hardest ____ quiz you’ll ever take
  • Which ___ do you really belong to?
  • What kind of ___ are you?

As you can see, the common denominator is the word you .

Your title should be short and to the point and state exactly indian numbers phone what result the user can expect. For example, one of the most successful quizzes of all time – What state should you really live in – makes it clear that the participant will know their state at the end.

Define results

Quiz creation is a bit backwards because you create a title and define the results before writing the first question.

Phone Number

Defining the results is an important step because the quiz result is what people will share on social media and what will inspire others to take the test.

To encourage as much social sharing as possible, include indian numbers phone visuals and a story, not a dry percentage. Or better yet, make users laugh. But, if humor isn’t the way to go for your brand, make sure quiz takers feel positive about their results and give them some juicy nuggets of relevant information about themselves.


, don’t go overboard. You have to find the right mix – make the quiz hard enough that it won’t be seen as a joke and easy enough that people get good results. According to Qzzr, 45% of actions come from people who score perfect and 76% from people who score at least 80%.

Keep it short and sweet

People love taking quizzes because they don’t take a lot of time. According to Qzzr, the quiz takes an average of 2 minutes and 27 seconds.

So how long should a quiz last? It should be short enough to encourage people to complete it and long enough to create meaningful information. The sweet spot is between seven and 12 questions, depending on your topic and audience.

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