10 Practical Tips for Creating a Killer Quiz Cayman Islands

On December 16, 2013, The New York Times published a quiz, How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk . The quiz was based on a decade-old survey conducted by linguists Bert Vaux and Scott Golder, and visualized by Joshua Katz. Based on the quiz taker’s use of certain words and pronunciations, the quiz produced a heat map that showed which region of the United States the reader corresponded to linguistically.

In just 10 days, this 25-question quiz became the most viewed content on the New York Times website in 201. Why? Because quizzes are  simply irresistible and people love them. But how do you create a quiz that people can’t wait to take and share? Here are our 10 practical tips that will help you create a killer quiz today.

Work backwards and start with your goal

Before we jump into creating quizzes, there is some prep work to do.


Like any good content marketer, you always start with the question, “What do I want to accomplish with this content?” Quizzes are no different.

Choose smart goals for your quiz to measure your indian numbers phone return on investment. It can be “increase newsletter sign-up by 70% in two months” or “earn a 5% conversion rate from the early bird special by May 31, 2015 “.


However, the unique value it creates is equally – if not more – important to the success of your quiz.

Zenni Optical’s You’ve Been Framed quiz is a perfect example of this, having been taken over 450,000 times and generating over $1 million in revenue.


Most people have to select frames at some point. When we recently purchased glasses for my daughter, we were presented with a huge tray of frames. She tried a bunch and picked what felt right. However, we would have really appreciated more help in making an informed decision.

With Zenni Optical’s quiz, you can get this information without having to go to the store. Viewers can determine which frames best suit their personality and face shape. The quiz not only makes it easier to narrow down the choices, it also helps those who wear the glasses feel more confident that they made the right choice.

Do you have something in your industry that could do the same for your audience? Can you help your visitors make the right decision, tackle common Czech Republic Phone Number List misconceptions, or decide which side in a debate they should support?

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Decide on your topic and research it

Before asking your questions, take the time to find out what topic resonates well with your audience, what types of quizzes have worked well, and what topics in your industry have already been covered in quiz form.


Once you’ve decided on a topic, dive deeper. For example, if you’re creating a quiz about Disney Princesses, look for special traits, quirks, preferences, and quotes from your royal characters. You want to be able to ask the right kind of questions and have relevant information to offer that will push quiz participants to the finish line.


Decide on a general tone and jargon


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