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it is extremely important to have a website or a page on social networks. A few clicks later, you have your page or your site and you are proud of it, but have you thought about the legal notices that should appear on your website. Whether or not you sell via us sample phone number your website, you are obliged to include some legal notices . In 2017, the FPS Economy therefore checked whether these legal notices appeared on 2,240 websites. The finding in more than a third of cases, this information was incomplete or even completely non-existent. Knowing that this information helps your customers to identify you and therefore to trust you, it is essential.

The legal notices that must appear

It sounds silly but you must include the commercial name of your company or at least your name. The address where your business is located should also be visible. How can visitors to your  website reach you. Indicate a telephone number, an email address and remember to add a contact form. All this information should also be on your Facebook page. In addition, you must also include this information if you hold a liberal profession. For certain professions such as real estate agents, you must hold certain authorizations. You must therefore include on your site information relating to the competent supervisory authority. For regulated professions, you must also show the titles as well as the professional.

Legal notices on a case-by-case basis

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SEO can eliminate many time-consuming activities like sending emails or prospecting calls and free up a lot of your time.  it can make your support team’s job a  whole lot easier . They will no longer have to answer the same old questions about the location Bulgaria Phone Number List or prices of your products/services, because all the necessary information will be available quickly on the internet. As you may know, Google is quite picky and demanding when it comes to its ranking algorithm. Google is constantly improving its standards so that only quality sites rank first. By looking at your SEO, you will certainly audit your site strengthen its security, optimize the user experience.

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