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Instagram has decided to update its terms of service. One of these changes relates to content sponsored by influencers. Although the terms of use cell phone numbers list excluded posts promoting weapons, tobacco or drugs, the company found that these were not yet strict enough. In addition, companies or influencers who want to promote alcohol or even slimming products will now have to have special authorization. However, we do not yet have all the details since these changes will be active in the course of 2020. Instagram is currently optimizing its detection tools in order to sanction profiles that do not align with these changes. Let influencers and companies be reassured, a tool to hide content from certain users based in particular.

Instagram terms of service update

Although the company continues to define what its users can or cannot do on its platform, Instagram recognizes that content creators are one of the viral parts of the social network. It is thanks to them  that the platform is so visible. She also announced that she wants to help businesses and influencers grow. How? We do not know yet. This question comes up quite regularly and we believe that if your business can really benefit from the exposure Instagram can give it, it’s not too late to start. This is because the reach of organic posts is not yet as low as Facebook’s organic post reach. However, Instagram is a very visual social.

Content Creators Instagram’s Viral Part

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There is a false belief that SEO will only help you gain positions in search engines reason to look into this aspect of digital marketing. Sorry to disappoint you but in reality things are different. In truth, natural  referencing has an influence on many elements. That’s why investing in an SEO strategy is the best marketing investment you could make.  your Bulgaria Phone Number List brand is perceived by consumers as well as your reputation. Online reviews are a big part of your SEO strategy. 97% of consumers admit to looking at online reviews when looking for information about a product service. You can learn how to take advantage of these reviews.

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