What is the disadvantage of Telegram

What does it mean? That your post will hang in the feed for 1 hour, after which the admin will post his post, overlapping yours, and after 24 hours he will remove the advertisement. Such criteria can be very different: 1-24, 2-24, 3-48 and so on. Vladislav, do you think it’s not too late to create a Telegram channel in 2023? It’s not too late, of course. In general, I think phone directory italy that absolutely everyone needs to jump into Telegram, create their own channels and promote their brand. Today Telegram covers almost all marketing tasks: it increases brand awareness and loyalty, increases trust, and makes sales. And, of course, this is a very cool way for businesses to directly interact with their audience. Yes, now it has become much more difficult to gain subscribers and generally promote your channel. But you don’t need to try to do everything yourself – you can’t save on promotion if you don’t want to waste your money.

Delegate everything that

can be delegated: content creation, selection of advertising channels, creatives, offers. And then you will definitely succeed! Flash What is better: creating a channel from scratch or buying a ready-made one? I always recommend creating from scratch. What is the disadvantage of Telegram? The fact that there is no organic growth in Telegram, that is, natural promotion. But this is both its minus and its feature.


What mistake do advertisers

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most often make on Telegram? They try to choose channels for advertising themselves, without understanding it. Can you recommend Telegram channels that you yourself subscribe to? Maxim Ilyakhov Maxim Bondarenko Write Kasuka Edges of words What are your professional goals? To be honest, everything happened so quickly in these China WhatsApp Number List two months that I haven’t even thought about it yet. But in general, of course, I want to develop my personal brand, start a YouTube channel, open something of my own.

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