Telegram, the most important thing is

For example, we bought a channel with jokes and turned it into an information portal on cryptocurrency. The name and content have changed, but the audience has remained the same, and this is definitely not your target subscriber. Let’s say the channel is selected. What to do next? You can use the special service They manually check all channels before adding them to their database, so there will definitely be no cheating there. You select a channel, upload your advertising creative, and the admin publishes your advertisement – all interaction takes place on the service. Or you can do it the old fashioned way: write the most detailed message to the admin yourself. Just fill in all the necessary information right away: what channel do you have; in which channel you want to buy advertising; ask the cost of advertising; find out the available seats.

It is advisable to advertise on weekdays.

If you are offered a weekend, you can safely ask for a discount of up to 30%. Administrators rely on newcomers and first of all try to impose weekends, because at this time the audience is less active. How to determine the fair cost of advertising? In Telegram, the most important thing is views, not subscribers. First of all, you need to start from the belgium number for whatsapp niche of the channel. For example, humor, psychology and similar topics are cheap niches. Business, cryptocurrency, marketing are expensive. The cost of advertising is calculated according to the CPM indicator, that is, the price per 1000 views. Advertising in less expensive niches starts from 300 rubles per 1000 views. But, for example, in channels with a business theme, the average price for advertising is 1000-1500 rubles per 1000 views and can reach 3000 rubles.

In the same cryptocurrency, if you see

that posts are getting 1000 views, you can immediately count on a price tag of 2500-3000 rubles. Plus, you need to look at whether it is an author’s channel or not. If a channel is run by a specific person, and it is his opinion that is important to the audience, then the cost of advertising can be completely different and depend on the mood of the author. How to properly coordinate an advertising post in Telegram with the channel admin? Everything needs to be China WhatsApp Number List discussed immediately on the shore: what time will your post be published? how long it will hang in the feed before it is covered by another post; How long will it take for your post to be deleted? Each channel has its own criteria. For example, the admin says that he runs advertising “1-24”.


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