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Previously, the slow spe of the connection did not allow the addition of animations, graphics or videos. However, today it is widely us. Analysts are constantly examining what features of the website have a positive impact on its reception and increase the conversion rate. Some aspects will only work for a select category of pages, but some elements must work correctly for all types of websites. Modernization of the website Below is a list of the most important factors that should be verifi on the website, regardless of the industry, and bas on them, plan its modernization.

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No customers An important aspect to make a decision to rebuild the website is the lack of customers. It may result from an unattractive offer, a bad image of the company, inadequately conduct advertising campaigns or technical problems on the website.  If you have Google Analytics install on your website, then you can track the behavior of users and check whether the problem is a specific moment in their path to purchase, or something else. Google search Jamaica Mobile Number List algorithm If your site hasn’t been updat in a while, your ranking has probably dropp. A website resign can be a good way to increase your search engine ranking and attract users.

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On the Google website , you can learn about the factors that help determine what results will be display for a given query. Of the old site turns out to be too expensive and time-consuming, it is best to create a new one, which will be faster and cheaper. The original site would require further modernization in some time, which generates high costs. High bounce rate We live in a mobile phone society. More and more users browse websites only with their help. That is LOB Directory why it is so important to ensure that the website is adapt to various types of devices.

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