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Navigation Nobody likes to do things that are difficult and tiring. When a user enters a given site, he should quickly find out what actions he nes to take to achieve his goal. Therefore, the navigation should be consistent, the menu intuitive and easy to use. Been on your page to complete several tasks. See if she can do it quickly, if not, you’ll know what to improve. What seems easy to you may not necessarily be so for others. Unique value proposition Let’s face it, in today’s world it is not enough to set up a website and take care of campaigns in many channels.

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There are currently thousands of shops with shoes, dresses and household appliances on the market. You have to fight for the customer and offer him something that he will not find on other sites. Compare your offer with others and provide the user with an answer to the question why he should use your services. Maybe you are able to offer him better delivery Jordan Mobile Number List terms, consultations with specialists or faster delivery time.  Loading can be caus by various factors, such as too large images, poor hosting or too many requests to the server.

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In  Google Estimat bas on research that each additional . second ne to load a page leads to a decrease in visits to subsequent subpages by as much as %. Potential customers may think that a slow-loading store is untrustworthy, does not follow the latest technological trends and is unprofessional. As with responsiveness, they will not trust such a site and give them their money. Spe with the PageSpe ​​Insights tool. Security Every website owner should take care of its security and the safety of people who visit it. To do this, focus on a few basic issues: hosting, SSL LOB Directory certificate, regulations, privacy policy and cookies.

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