Text formatting guidelines Not every copywriter is fluent in the Word environment or other text itors. It is therefore worth informing him in advance whether the text should be formatt, and if so, according to what rules . Justification, spacing between paragraphs, or font size are important for some SEO specialists and clients, while others prefer to format the text themselves when deploying to the website. However, it is certainly worth recommending the copywriter to bold the most important information in paragraphs or individual key phrases . Finally – the most important information,  the deadline for the service.

Template of a brief for a copywriter

It must be precisely defin as to the day and even the hour . If you ask for the text to be sent back by Friday, you can receive it that day at : . It is worth setting a time frame so that the text is in the mailbox during working hours. What form should it have? When preparing guidelines, it is worth focusing on the content more than on the form. The most important thing is that all the most important information for the copywriter is written down in one place . Making an appointment to discuss the details of the project is a good idea, but don’t expect your interviewer to Cameroon Phone Number List remember and write down everything we say. After the meeting, you will still ne to upload the guide file.

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We encourage you to test different

In Excel, Word, or maybe in a form specially prepar for this purpose – in what form to send the guidelines ? It all depends on our preferences. Solutions. This way you’ll find out what works best for you. It is worth choosing one tool, thanks to which we will have a ready template, which will greatly facilitate the work in the future. However, make sure that the guidelines are deliver to the copywriter in an itable form . Thanks to this, it will easily copy the necessary LOB Directory information and phrases to the itor, and the URL to the search engine.

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