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The Universal Analytics properties will receive an additional three months of processing new information, which is the end of data collection for this tool on October , . What should you do now? For many of us, this may be a surprising announcement, because probably most of us thought that it would take a while before we get rid of Universal Analytics for good.  That we must be ready for whatever changes life brings. Although there is still some time left to the announc changes, it is worth preparing an action plan for the coming months: If you care about the data you already have in GA , you can use the upcoming time to export historical reports.

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If you haven’t start using GA yet, you absolutely ne to start. Ideally, you implement GA before July of this year so that you have a year-on-year comparison of all underlying interactions when the tool change deadline arrives. We encourage you to read our article on implementing GA with GTM. Use this time to think about what data is most important to you, what user behavior is most worth analyzing? Get us to the look and functionality of the GA.  That are Cayman Islands Phone Number List sent to the new version of the tool. Summary Doubts relat to the possibilities of the new version of Google Analytics may arise in your head.

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After the announcement of the GA version, we could see some changes in its appearance and functionalities. We also know that GA does not offer everything we are us to in the older version. However, you don’t have to worry about it, because Google has been conducting continuous research since the introduction of Google Analytics. On this basis, the functionalities that are actually us by companies are select. On the help page. If you ne support with Google Analytics (implementation, migration, training) then please contact LOB Directory us to talk about how we could help in this topic.

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