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These are, of course, “real life” examples – but every industry can have its own evergreens . They are constantly search for with a similar frequency, and understandable regardless of the narrow context e.g. recent events or trends. However, it is worth supplementing them with these contexts from time to time. For example, the topic on fashionable work styles is basically evergreen – but it can be successfully recycl in each new season even every quarter!, taking into account the change of seasons and trends.  Not be consider useless by readers – for example, suggestions for summer outfits in the middle of winter are much more useless. Advice: It’s worth taking a moment to analyze and consciously choose the content you want to recycle.

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It is not worth exaggerating with recycling and refreshing everything “as it goes. The balance between new and recycl content looks much better. If you don’t know which content to choose for recycling, simply reach for the most popular ones that your readers keep coming back to – for example, data on user behavior from Google Analytics will help you. Another Egypt Phone Number List way may be to recycle content in such a way that, after iting, it fits into current topics and trends that are widely comment on by users. Mia, as well as network monitoring tools e.g. Brand or Google Trends can help you determine them.

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Christmas or annual awards grant

Secondly, the so-call cyclical content, i.e. relat to specific moments during the year – e.g. holidays, holidays, industry events, etc. Unlike evergreens, this content is not search by users constantly every month, but cyclically – usually once a year. So if you already have content on your blog relat to, for example,  in your industry – in the next year you don’t have to write everything from scratch. A lot of information will certainly still be up to date, and recycling LOB Directory will allow you to expand it with new threads and refresh examples.

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