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Certainly no one nes convincing anymore how much good content marketing content can do for your brand. However, there is usually a long way from the right idea for a text to its writing, publication and proper promotion. Not to mention the ne to engage resources including financialand devote time. Do you want to save and at the same time constantly surprise your users with fresh information? Recycling content is not only easier than creating it from scratch , but it will also help you achieve new benefits while making the most of old resources The idea of ​​zero waste.

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Which has been gaining popularity recently, concerns the broadly understood not to waste and in practice means living with the maximum possible ruction of waste – that is, what is useless and useless. Zero waste is therefore the science of maximizing the use of resources – which is fully applicable also in the case of content marketing. Recycling, i.e. reusing, updating and refreshing the content we already have. It is worth noting that content recycling does not Ecuador Phone Number List consist in duplicating content e.g. publishing the same article in many places. This practice would definitely have a negative impact on SEO.

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Content Marketing Goals So

Meanwhile recycling is not about duplication and recyclability, but about using what we already have to create completely new qualities and values. Old and slightly forgotten content e.g. on a blog or a company websiteis suppos to start working again and bring us new benefits – in accordance with the multi-dimensional goals of content marketing. It’s safe to say that old content – after appropriate processing – behaves like new, and is also able to constantly LOB Directory meet the goals that it met when it was still “fresh.

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