If there is an category on the page

They are a kind of label that clarifies the topic. Content Marketing How to enter the correct tags on the page? do not duplicate tags and categories. Then there is no ne to implement the X tag as well, do not create tag names from the titles of e.g. blog entries – once again we will give unclear information to the Google robot which subpage should be display for a given keyword, do not create very similar tags, e.g. singular and plural – it will be inconvenient for the user, because there is no clear answer as to what is the difference between one tag and another and which one should visit.

Tags are suppos to collect content

For a robot, it is duplicate content, do not deploy tags unplann. A smaller number of well-thought-out tags is better than a large number of random words. If we only use a tag once, it’s pointless.  Similar to each other, and if there is only one entry under a given tag, it means that it does not fulfill the above-mention function. Vouge introduces tags that contain only one Real Mobile Phone Numbers entry, which is wrong: How to use categories and tags to be visible in the search engine? Or maybe it’s better not to do tags? Tags are not mandatory and if we don’t know how to do it, it’s better not to do it.

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Tags are an additional non-obligatory

Should be the result of keyword analysis and a response. To the ne to specify topics by our website users. Tags are suppos to make it easier for the robot (and users) to navigate the site and find interesting thematic content, not to make it difficult. Remember, however, that categories have a primary function when it comes to grouping content into similar thematic pages.  Option independent of the category. The big advantage of tags is that they improve internal linking to individual articles. How to LOB Directory organize the page structure bas on tags? On the example of a travel blog.

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