In fact they have the same function

SEO for e-commerce Categories and tags are subpages that have a significant impact on the structure of the website. They allow the aggregation of similar thematic content and improve navigation on the site for both robots and users.  They collect content on a given topic. However, they are completely separate ways of sorting content that may or may not be us in parallel. What are categories? Categories should include on the website of the online store and on the blog. They are obvious to users. You can’t miss them! Categories structure the page and hierarchize the content, which allows you to quickly find out about the content of the page.

How to use categories and tags

Below is an example of what well-appli categories should look like: To be visible in the search engine? The website, as the name suggests, offers shoes. After clicking on the “women’s” category, we get a whole range of various women’s shoes with the most important trends and types of footwear. There is a hierarchy here . From categories come subcategories, which in turn create more subcategories. Tags and SEO Tags can be add “by hand”. If you want to create a Mobile Phone Number Lists new category – then you ne to plan it, add it to the structure in the main menu , etc. On the other hand, adding tags is much easier.

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The tags which in this case

However, this is deceptive because, due to the simplicity of adding a tag, we don’t think about the consequences of creating new . Each new tag creates a new subpage where products or texts with a given tag are collect. How it’s working?  Are mark with the blog text on the Zabawkator page, have been underlin. How to use categories and tags to be visible in the search engine? The tag page is visible in the search results for the phrase indicat below. Yes, at the moment of creating the article only on the th position, but still – the tag is visible and leaves LOB Directory room for optimization for this phrase.

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