The Internet user not fully conscious

If it’s the user who makes the mistake, it’s hard for us to be held responsible for entering the URL incorrectly. However, where we can, let’s create rirects so that the user can navigate smoothly and not encourage him to close the page. Also loses trust in the website that returns codes – when we click something, we have some expectations, we want to see something, check something – if as a website we fail these expectations – we will not always get a second chance . error page As mention above, we are not always able to avoid the error. No one or almost no one is able to check every day that there are no errors on the website.

The Fact that a given subpage

Therefore it is worth taking care of such an error page so that it is as user-friendly as possible and does not discourage him from further exploration of the page.  Is unavailable does not mean that the rest of the site is not interesting! Therefore, it is good if the site is interesting and does not cause anxiety. Any r flashing information about something “going wrong” is inadvisable. Examples of interestingly construct pages KEI. pl micine Historical Ghana Phone Number List Curiosities. pl Lubimyczytac. pl Uber Bolt Filmweb. An example of an incorrectly creat page, but in fact not creat (non-existent) page: A properly construct page should point the way.

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Thanks to this we will not confuse

The user’s instinct will be to close the page with an error – let’s show that there are other possibilities. Let’s propose various possibilities – blog, category, homepage: all this can be at your fingertips. It is important that the error page matches the general layout of the page.  The user – he will not be afraid that he has been rirect to somewhere he did not LOB Directory expect. Let’s ensure that despite the error, we control the situation and know what’s going on.

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