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However, while it can be agre that Google does not issue too many errors on a page, there is no evidence that this does not affect the indexing budget of a given page. At the same time, users quickly close pages that return a error, which increases the bounce rate. This is probably a ranking factor, as indicat by recent statements from Google employees.  Rate is a ranking factor, a high rate of quick page closes suggests that the page is of low quality and does not answer the questions ask.

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Therefore it is worth lowering the bounce rate, so that it does not negatively affect the quality of the website. The standard operation of the Google robot is to index subpages that return the code. And that’s not bad at all – we don’t want search engine users to end up on pages that don’t exist. How to detect errors? Google  will answer without hesitation that it is a basic SEO tool not only for searching for errors, but also useful for everyday work. It is us to analyze the 1000 Mobile Phone Number List website and contact with Google – it indicates the number of views, phrases assign to subpages, the number of clicks, CTR of given phrases as well as collects all external links leading to our website.

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In addition Google Search Console provides a report call “Index” -> “Pages”, which lists the errors: Importantly, Google Search Console is a free solution that is useful not only for searches, so it is worth setting it up, even if you do not plan to run an active. Just because we don’t want to do SEO now doesn’t mean we won’t want to do it in a few years, so it’s better to have data from Google Search Console than not to have it. Screaming Frog This is another tool in the series: basic in the tray of every SEO Specialist. Screaming Frog is a real combine for LOB Directory comprehensive website analysis.

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