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In addition, pages that have an unnatural profile of external links were rat badly. September , Further improvements to the display of product reviews in English.  September. September  Google’s algorithm core update. The implementation was complet on September. August , Another very large update that strongly affect the situation of many sites – the so-call. Update Helpful Content, which aims to better tailor search results to users, more effective recognition of intentions. Helpful Content aims to promote content that is, as the name suggests, helpful, useful as well as of high quality.

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The implementation of Update Helpful Content was complet on September. July , This is a continuation of what happen in March – the July product review update has been releas. May , As every year, in May an update was introduc that updat the very core of the algorithm. The implementation process end on June. March , March product review update for English-language sites releas. Google recognizes the ne to develop product reviews as it is one of the factors that influence the purchase.  item is rat and whether the purchase will be % successful? February , An Paraguay Mobile Number List update on the so-call page experience. It was finally implement on March.

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This algorithm is bas on the so-call Core Web Vitals – CWV have been previously implement on mobile devices, but the improvements to this algorithm have also introduc them to desktops. SEO banner dark SEO – forecasts  No one knows, although there are some prictions and prictions. was full of challenges – both due to the above-mention updates, as well as the post-pandemic market stagnation, additionally fuel by uncertainty relat to the war in Ukraine as LOB Directory well as rapidly increasing inflation. What awaits us in SEO in ? It’s hard to say, but you can guess! What, according to Semahead, will bring for SEO.

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