It Can be us to optimize content

It will also help Google users, because these descriptions are index in Google (it is not yet known to what extent, however, as you can see above, they are visible in Google). Machine learning and artificial intelligence Machine learning and artificial intelligence will be of great importance to SEO in . Already at this point, various aspects of SEO draw handfuls of artificial intelligence. Research keywords, as well as to, for example, build thematic silos. Even AI-written content has become popular with some, which may not be at the level of “War and Peace”, but it is quite good and readable.

The market for artificial intelligence

As we mention above, in August , there was a Google update, call Update Helpful Content, which was aim at improving the quality of content that users see in search engines. According to the Search Engine Webmaster Guidelines, content automatically generat with AI writing tools is consider spam and adding content that is not human-to-human may result Peru Mobile Number List in a penalty from Google. In   (AI) us in marketing was estimat at. billion. This is quite a lot, and since there is such money on this market, there will also be people who will improve the technology.

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Index Now is an open source engine

The improv technology will make it more and more difficult to distinguish. It from a human – will we ultimately face a revolt of machines? Hopefully not in . Carbon footprint ruction by Google Google is rumor to be the next search engine. To use the Index Now protocol.  us by search engines to discover. New content that is worth scanning and LOB Directory indexing. Traditionally, it was said that you do not always have to manually. Report content changes in Google Search Console, Google will revisit the page sooner or later and index the changes.

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