How to monitor the effectiveness

Those activities that bring a return on investment. „ Semahead business partners can rely on our expert knowlge and experience. Thanks to this, we select solutions according to their nes. Our main goal is to develop high sales results that will meet the expectations of a business partner. We believe in long-term cooperation that allows us to gather common experience and carry out effective marketing activities for years, ” says Konrad Błazenek, President of the Management Board of Semahead. Of advertising campaigns? Thanks to analytical tools that provide data for precise formulation of conclusions, there is no room for understatement in online marketing. Transparent reports provide information about the ads that generat sales or the channels that l the user to the site.

The fact that marketing activities

Their effectiveness can be monitor in real time , which enables instant management of the advertising budget, spreading it over the most profitable online sales channels.  Conduct on the Internet are quantifiable means that we can expect a specific return on investment from almost every marketing channel – SEO or paid campaigns (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Criteo). What then about expenses that do not bring income “directly”? How to check if Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu a Facebook campaign is a significant source of income? How to assess whether a company blog, newsletter or remarketing campaign brings real business benefits.

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The answer is web analytics – both basic and those bas on advanc, data-driven, algorithmic data-driven attribution models, for example using Markov chains.  Inference is having reliable data – it may seem obvious and easy to obtain, but Google Analytics, most often us for web analytics, is often incorrectly configur by advertisers, thus not allowing for proper decision-making and advertising expenditure management. Advertising activities should therefore begin with an audit of the correctness of data, through their proper analysis, selection of LOB Directory tools, hypothesis tests, and ending with knowlge-bas implementations.

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