Its capabilities include view estimat data about the ad before it is publish, such as: reception, results, budget. Although the statistics are only prictive, they are a valuable aid for the proper targeting of advertisements.  Out that it is beneficial for the campaign to increase the frequency of displaying advertisements and have a minimum duration of weeks. Longer entries with notes The maximum length of posts – characters was a significant obstacle for users. The creators of Twitter decid to meet the nes of the recipients.

The new function creat using machine

The new feature of the site is Notes. The tool allows you to create longer content with a maximum length of words along with a title that has a limit of characters. Importantly, the notes will also have: the ability to it – the longer the text, the greater the risk of making mistakes; URL, making the content accessible to people who don’t have a Twitter account. Social mia – news on LinkIn What updates have LinkIn creators made in recent months? More relevant search  learning, when searching for a given phrase, analyzes, among others: its association with posts, timeliness Exit Mobile Phone Database and quality of the post, user involvement and intentions.

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The developers of the application

The system was creat primarily to enable recipients to search faster and more accurate, but also to search in a variety of ways.  Are already announcing further changes in this area, displaying the most recent posts. Pin the comment under the post The new update will allow administrators to highlight important comments under posts using a new tool – pins. The new function will be for the owner of the profile, who will be able to properly manage the conversation or simply thank the authors of the comments in this way. It is worth LOB Directory mentioning that you can unpin any pinn comment at any time.

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