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Start by defining your business goals. What is most important for your company? Does it want to achieve bas on the collect data? What does he want to know about user behavior? Shopping will be the most important thing for an e-commerce store.  This event, it is also worth asking yourself what smaller actions lead customers to this main goal. Maybe it’s clicking the Add to Cart button or subscribing to the newsletter? It is worth to include such events in your plan and implement them to know what helps the user to achieve a given goal.

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When you have a ready plan and written down all the tags you intend to implement, you can act in Google Tag Manager. Container structure Google Tag Manager consists of an account and a container: You can create several containers within one account.  Code that nes to be add in the page code. Google recommends that a given company use one account and one container per site. This is justifi by the fact that as the account grows, handling several containers Find Your Phone Number List can become cumbersome, and in one container you can add tags for different tools, you don’t have to create separate containers.

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If you have three websites that differ from each other in everything – content, structure, functionalities, then we advise you to use separate containers for each website. Using the same Google Tag Manager container, it will be more troublesome to check whether a given tag fires on the right page and not on the others. However, when you have different pages that are very similar to each other, they only differ in language, then you can use one GTM container.  To track the same things within them, so you can base your actions accordingly on given rules that you adjust to a given site Analytics Nomenclature Your activities in Google Tag Manager can LOB Directory develop, and thus, the number of tags that will be configur in it will increase.

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