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How to measure traffic from Google News? In Google Analytics , traffic from Google News appears in reports as direct, googleapis, or There is also an option, typically for large publishers, to add a special report that would measure traffic from this channel. Google News:  know the benefits of Google News for publishers. So why isn’t everyone using this channel? The low popularity is due to the high standards that must be met in order to be featur in Google News. Google News presents only the freshest and most reliable news articles.

The website should be transparent

That is why so often the first positions are occupi by the largest portals, such as those already mention above. So what do you have to do to be among them? Portals that will be add to Google News should have authority and history in Google. It cannot be a fresh portal without develop trust.  in this respect – it should clearly inform – who wrote it, how it was written, why it was written, who paid for this information and to whom the entire portal belongs. Contact El Salvador Phone Number List information adds cribility to the site, as does information about the publisher, company, and author. And how does Google know if something is trustworthy? Google News is largely bas on manual moderation. 

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In addition topical authority is important

In contrast to the main algorithm of the search engine -> on the other side sits a man who evaluates and verifies whether a given page publishes articles of a press nature. Guidance content, even the most comprehensive, will not appear in Google News.  Which is something like an indicator of domain cribility. It should be not that each portal that wants to appear in Google News should have: – clearly stat dates and authors; – information about the authors, publisher and publisher; – information about the LOB Directory company or network from which the content originates; – contact details.

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