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History of Google News This was the case on September , , during the tragic events in New York. People were already looking for information on the Internet about the terrorist attack back then, but they were getting the best position articles, for example, about the history of New York. Of the users. The first version of Google News was creat in , but it was officially complet and present in . Significant development of this service, however, took place in , when there was a major algorithm update affecting the materials display in Google News.

How Does Google News know what interests

A lot has chang since then – Google News operates in over countries, is generat in languages ​​- including Polish. What does Google NEWS look like? Google News is not just one communication channel. Among these products we can find: Google news fe as a separate section of the search engine:google news – example “Top Stories” section (top of search results)google news – most important tips section Google Discover (as a separate platform and mobile application).  me? Google uses the knowlge that we give them on a platter,  declarative data. Previous searches Egypt Phone Number List and geolocation of the phone are also important. On this basis, unique lists of articles from the last days are generat.

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Thanks to the presence of the website

Importantly, we can manage our preferences and indicate to Google what we want to see and what we are not interest in. If we are logg in to Google services, we can click on our nickname on the right. Here we enter the “news” tile: So that such a panel appears, in which we can freely choose the topics we observe, add sources from which we want to gain knowlge about the world and specify our expectations: Advantages of Google News in Google News, we gain great opportunities to acquire users. We reach a huge number of Internet users who may not LOB Directory have been our fans or readers before.

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