Because archetypes are repetitive in culture and recognizable in stories regardless of place and era -each person can name the simplest associations with a given archetype , and its interpretation does not require any professional knowlge or skills. This fact alone proves that the archetypes us in brand communication will always work – just as they work in pop culture, popular novels or Netflix series . So if we go back to the years of learning Polish at school –  to write characterizations of literary heroes.

An archetype is not only a concept

A typical knight, a king, a romantic lover, a rebel, a wanderer or a self-sacrificing patriot could appear there. All these “typical” characters – which after years of study we usually remember without exaggerat enthusiasm – are archetypes. Okay – you haven’t been to school for a long time (because, for example, you run your own business). So why talk about it? Archetypes – and who nes it?  from the theory of culture, but above all an easy-to-use marketing tool us to define the nature and value of your brand . And these are elementary issues that you should specify Slovenia Phone Number List already at the strategy stage – before you start marketing communication and start creating content (content for the website, Social Mia, advertisements, etc.) for your recipients.

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For the same reason, recipients

Why Because no one seeks contacts and closer acquaintances with boring, bland people who do not stand out from the crowd, do not defend any values ​​and have nothing to say. Will not hit you with “doors and windows” if they do not see that your brand has a certain character. There is some. Specific. Not bland. GERBER – an example of a brand using the Guardian archetype (source. ) Think of a brand as a person! When we think of LOB Directory communication, we usually mean a conversation between people.

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