Parameters vs generat when filtering or sorting products on the website. Occasionally, Google decides to index content with parameters and content without parameters. For example: the Google robot decides to index both the product page and the product page, but sort from the cheapest product to the most expensive. Then, in fact, we have two of the same pages with differently arrang assortment. This may result in internal duplication of content. Diacritical marks and the URL It is not advisable to use Polish characters in URL addresses – all typical Polish tails should be abandon.

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This applies not only to the Polish language, but to any characters specific to only one language. Dates in URLs Some CMS, e.g. WordPress, offer the option of adding a date to the URL. However, this solution is not recommend due to the fact that it may indicate that the present content is out of date.  To change than the content of the article. A lot of content quickly expires, so it’s worth emphasizing that the articles on our site are always up to date. Static URL URLs South Africa Phone Number List should be static – they shouldn’t change. The exceptions are the so-call anchors, e.g. to individual H headings in the article or other specific places on the page.

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Anchors are not a “true” part of the URL, and to indicate to Google that it should not be consider, the anchor is prec by. An example of a URL with an anchor: example a-to-anchor A URL construct in this way would immiately scroll to a specific section of the page. Google will not index the anchor, only the page example. plstrona , because the Google robot ignores what comes after. One page, many URLs Sometimes it happens that many URLs lead to one page – e.g. CMS of a store. When one product is in many categories, it generates many URLs taking into account different category directories. Of SEO, because one and the same LOB Directory content is available at different addresses.

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