Knowing what is going to happen

Then the calendar to make sure there are no surprise appointments. And she. The queen of projects. Asana. This is where I spend some time, which I spend on prioritizing tasks and ideas that appear in my head after work. Of course, it’s not like I write something there every day. That day, I go to Looker Studio (GDS), where our analytics department has prepar a beautiful dashboard where all the most important values ​​regarding website traffic and leads are clearly visible. After reviewing the campaign and overall page results for semahead. agencyI verify our socials. comments, shares or flags of profiles on the web.

For example the implementation

Sometimes, at the very end, I’ll take a look at the Press Service to make sure I haven’t miss anything. Google Data Studio Dashboard (Looker Studio) for Semahead An example of a marketer project It was a short summary of the morning, inseparable elements of work. Then the more fun begins in the form of completing tasks for a given day or period of time. Of the blog plan, proofreading articles written by specialists, corrections, extending the text with Ukraine Phone Number List graphics or intext banners to the text. The next step is the graphics (background) for the article. It is usually order at the very beginning of the month to our Visual Art Studio with recommendations.

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After preparing texts and social mia posts

As it happens in nature, sometimes plans fail and you have to take matters into your own hands (hence it’s good to know what and how in Photoshop). The next stage – the article is already in the draft version on WordPress, and at this time we start writing the text for social mia. , publishing and sending webpush by User . By the way, maybe you want to subscribe to our database, thanks to which you will find out about every newest article? All you have to do is LOB Directory agree to the notifications after entering the website. Check if this type of communication suits you.

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