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You ne to choose whether we download the forms from the last download or from the select date range, then the file format in which we want to have the collect leads. After the user submits the form, so if you want to use manual downloading, it is worth doing it regularly. In addition to manual download, it is also possible to connect the Facebook panel with CRM and automate form handling. This is a much better option than manually handling contacts because it allows you to reach your customers much more efficiently, but it requires some technical work.

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For this topic, we refer you to the instructions in the Facebook Help Center . Lead generation using call campaigns Generating leads can be done not only through forms. Facebook ads also allow you to collect leads in the form of phone calls. An example of a Facebook ad for calls.  To forms, with the difference that instead of going to a form or website, they rirect to a page where the willingness to make a call is confirm, and it is on the basis of clicks on this page that the results Romania Phone Number List are count. This element of additional confirmation, in addition to the click on the CTA of the ad, means that the results of the ad will largely coincide with the actual calls made.

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Targeting in lead ads campaigns Finally, it is worth briefly touching on the topic of ad targeting. How we set the ad set will affect whether we reach the right recipients and whether we acquire valuable leads. We write more about ad targeting in the post Targeting in Facebook ads – how to prepare good research? and these tips apply to FB contact ad as well. The best-performing groups in our experience is a LOB Directory group of similar audiences to those who fill out forms or made calls.

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