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Types of questions available in lead ads, in the form. It is worth clicking through these questions and choosing the most appropriate for the purpose we want to achieve with the form. It is worth adding additional fields with questions that will filter out those contacts that will not be a valuable lead.  Here are multiple-answer questions, because there you can choose the option of filtering contacts and mark with which answers someone should be add to contacts and with which they should not. If someone clicks on a reply that removes them from your contacts. They will be taken to another thank you page where you can inform them that the contact will not be sav.

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Next we will find questions with propos answers, this section is autocomplete bas on data from your Facebook account or provid with the last complet form. Data such as name, surname, date of birth, telephone number, country, city, etc. appear here, so there will be a reference to the privacy policy, for which Facebook has dicat a separate section Privacy Policy . Privacy policy  be preview to the right of the section. There you can see information with links to the Senegal Phone Number List FB privacy policy, we also ne to add a link to our privacy policy here. Importantly, it should be a link that does not lead to a PDF, image, or download. Ideally, this is a link to our website’s privacy policy.

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Message to contacts and other settings

In the Link text field , we can name our rules so that the user. Is clear where they will be rirect after clicking. You can also add an additional disclaimer below if you want to draw attention to some other aspect to which the user should agree, about which he should know when sending information about himself or his answers. At the end, we are left with a message. Usually LOB Directory thanking you for filling out the form and encouraging you to visit the website.

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