Unfortunately, there are many companies on the market trying to trick unsuspecting users who receive information about the ne to pay a subscription that will allow their business card to be display on the web. Be vigilant and not be deceiv.¬† Step by step The first step in setting up a business card is to log in to your Google account and then go to googleintlpl_plbusiness . Once the page has load, click the blue “Manage” button. creating a Google listing¬† To complete information about the company. The first is to enter the name of the business card, which will be visible to all users.step – enter the name of the company It is important that this is the full name of the company.

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We advise you to avoid over-expanding the name of the business card by including additional keywords in it, as this may contribute to lowering its visibility. At the next stage, we define the type of activity of our company. There are three options to choose from: online store, local store or services. Depending on what our company does, we mark the correct Pakistan Phone Number List options (it is possible to select more than one field).choose the type of your business If you choose an online store, the address of the company’s headquarters will not be visible on the business card. Instead, you will ne to provide your company’s website address.

Phone Number List

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When choosing a local store the situation is revers – providing the exact address will be necessary. Thanks to this, customers will easily find their way to our headquarters. If the third option (Services) is select, the business card will not show the address of the company’s register office. Display in the areas serv by the company, which will be requir to be complet in the later stages of the business card configuration. Website search tracking – why should you set it up? Web LOB Directory analytics Karolina Kniaziuk The website must be alive, updat.

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