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This is because Google sees the content on the landing page and the links between the page and our ad. Thanks to such matching, it can better identify a specific user, and thus display our advertisement more often, for a specific query. landing page A common case is that all attention is focus on advertising in Google Ads and forgets about the quality of the landing page.  Approach. Your landing page should: Load fast – if we don’t take care of the basics, our bounce rate will be very high. With the rise of technology, websites that take a few seconds to load lag behind their competitors.

Work well on mobile devices

Be very legible and transparent – ​​if we create ads, we must think hard about which landing page or subpage to direct the user to. After clicking on the ad, the customer should get an extension of the information he saw in our ad. In line with the queries it is display for – it should be consistent in the content it contains on each of its subpages and contain all regulations, privacy policy, information about the company and contact information.  Remember Oman Phone Number List that currently a very large part of users uses only the search engine on their phone. By not adapting your website to mobile devices, be it phones or tablets, we condemn ourselves to much lower results of our activities.

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However each of them directly

In addition to the above-mention methods, let’s also remember about: adding extensions, adjusting the appropriate budget, checking several keyword matches, specifying the location, creating several groups and ads to check which work best, adding CTA. Not all of the actions list above directly contribute to your Quality Score.  Affects whether our advertising works well or not. The quality score that Google gives us is one thing, but let’s remember that our ad should also contain as much information as LOB Directory possible that may be useful to a potential customer.

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