Representative of the legal person is also acceptable. Can more than one person be authoriz to use the electronic stamp? The electronic invoice system allows more than one person to be authoriz to use the electronic seal without a maximum limit on the number of people authoriz to sign on behalf of the company depending on the company’s ne and the capacity of the devices us. What are the legal implications of an electronic stamp? Electronic Seal – Like an electronic signature it comes in the form of an advanc or certifi electronic seal.

The certifi e stamp is legally

Binding and recogniz throughout Egypt the Middle East and Africa. In many countries the electronic stamp is legally recogniz in official and Israel WhatsApp Number List government transactions and is one of the digital tools that help secure information and electronic transactions. However it should be not that the law regarding e stamping may vary between countries and applicable laws in the country in question should be check to ascertain the legal implications of e stamping.

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Advantages of electronic seal

The electronic seal is an important digital insurance tool and has many of the following advantages Quick use A large amount of documents can be sign on behalf of your company such as invoices or statements anywhere and at any time which helps Afghanistan Phone Number List spe up processes and relieve pressure on users. Security The electronic seal is consider stronger than the electronic signature. It is intend for commercial companies and can be us by more than one person in the same place. It requires the use of a private key for signing and the authenticity of the signature can be verifi by using the public key n contain in official and government documents and to confirm private.

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