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Important factors that must be available in choosing a hosting company to build a professional website for your business . it in an hour then you have consumed MB of your bandwidth.  If these data are not clear you must first contact the support team before choosing the hosting company. Server advantages provided by the hosting company There are some characteristics and advantages that a server must have in order for it to be strong flexible and perform the functions required of it. Some of these characteristics are The server must rely on.

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Data transfer process occurs quickly It is preferable that the server itself be an advanced Apache or light speed type which means that the server Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List relies on a modern and powerful data processor and RAM. The server must operate around the clock and not stop at any time Server location The closer the server is to the visitor the better because the distance will be less and therefore the data transfer rate will be faster. Server response rate This is not related to the speed of the site but rather to the speed of server response and the speed and power of the company’s servers.

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Cache technology is used

Website owners to increase the speed of their site. I quality to the user Control Afghanistan Phone Number List Panel. Make sure that the hosting company provides the cPanel control panel which is easy to use and suitable for beginners Having all these features helps speed up your server and thus loads your website quickly which

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