Verif electronic signatures

Legal confirmation The electronic stamp is legally recogniz in many Arab countries and Egypt which means that it can be approv in official and governmental transactions. Accuracy The electronic seal allows verification of the accuracy of the information contain in the electronic document and helps ensure that the electronic document is not modifi or chang after it is sign. Available The online e stamp can be access from anywhere and is available to users at any time which helps spe up processes and relieve stress on users.

Flexibility Existing electronic

Documents can be modifi before signing them which helps ensure the accuracy of the information in the electronic document before Iran WhatsApp Number List signing it. Multiple uses The electronic seal can be us in many fields such as e commerce financial transactions insurance government and electronic invoices. Disadvantages of electronic seal While electronic stamping has many advantages it also carries some of the following disadvantages Reliance on the Internet.

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Using an electronic seal requires

Access to the Internet and Internet access may be down at times which means that electronic documents cannot be sign at these times. Ne for training Using an e stamp may require prior training can be complicat for new users and can take a Israel Phone Number List lot of time to learn how to use an e stamp. Security risks There may be risks of security attacks on the electronic seal and the privacy and security of information contain in existing electronic documents may be threaten. Therefore it must be verifi that the electronic seal us is from an accrit company and has the necessary protection from security electronic seal is usually us to confirm the authenticity of informatio.

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