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In the case of smaller websites, anchors in the form of exact match or partial match and brand anchors work better. It is finitely worth adding Call To Action in them to convince the user to visit the link page. The worse solution is to use URLs as anchors, because they look unnatural and ruce the chance of a click. Also anchors like “here”, “more”, “click” and the like are not recommend names for our links.  management planning is a more advanc process where external tools come in handy.

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One of them is Ahrefs, which contains information about anchors discover on the site by robots, shows the percentage share of each of them and gives the opportunity to compare this status with the competition. Links directly in the page source with JS disabl We mention above a situation where JavaScript or CSS can block the operation of a link plac on a page.  But also for robots, which in the event of problems with the execution of a script may not reach Algeria Phone Number List the link address. For this reason, it is worth making sure that the links are locat directly in the source of the page, and access to them is also possible with JS turn off.

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We recommend adding this point to the checklist of activities relat to optimizing internal linking. Limiting duplicates and the number of links in general  Been written, the easiest way would be to place links to all subpages on the website directly on the home page. This would solve the problem of nesting addresses too ep in the structure of the page, eliminate the problem of orphan pages and give all internal links on the tray. Don’t try this at home! Too many links on the page LOB Directory and numerous duplicates will certainly not help.

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