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It often happens that placing links in a different structure is a good solution, while the mol bas on silos allows you to organize internal linking, efficiently move around the page and return to any address using links in the logo, main menu, breadcrumb menu and other parts of the site. Links in publish content  care of internal links in the add content. For blogs, links to relat articles or other parts of the site work well. For example, if you run a mosquito repellent store, you might want to inclu a link to specific products or relat categories in your mosquito repellent article.

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In this way, we not only encourage users to familiarize themselves with the offer, but also indicate to robots that these pages are relat and worth visiting. You can easily add several such links in blog entries. On the other hand, an excessive number of them may discourage you from reading the text. As always in SEO activities – we focus on naturalness. A good place to add links are all kinds of content elements: category scriptions, product scriptions, company scription on the home page, etc. If the links expand the present issue and the text itself is interesting, there is Argentina Phone Number List a good chance that we will encourage user to continue exploring our site and we will bring them one step closer to the sir conversion.

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Links in JavaScript To make it short and specific, let’s give the floor to Google representatives.  On what syntax should be us to add links to pages. His statement shows that a bit of JS won’t hurt, as long as the link is plac in the <a href> tag. Source: Links & JavaScript Basic tools for working on internal linking Internal linking is a very complex issue and it is difficult to control it comprehensively acting alone. Various tools come with help that will provi the necessary LOB Directory data and help to unrstand and then organize the structure of internal links on the website.

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